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Monday, 12. August 2013

She's a real bar-belle: Female lawyer swaps her wig and gown for a bikini and wins top award as a bodybuilder
By susannciaf, 12:09

Starting today, fans can go online to, the Internet's most-visited bodybuilding and fitness site and the largest online retailer of nutritional supplements, to vote for their favorite MusclePharm products. Cast your votes now at and receive 10% off your next purchase at! The Supplement Awards recognize superior products and brands in the fitness and supplement industry. Nominations are based on sales among the 9,900+ products carried by the site. In the past four years, MusclePharm has won 14 Awards, including 2012 Brand of the Year.
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By day she is a successful family law barrister specialising in child law, adoption and child abduction cases. But far from being a problem in her busy schedule she says her intense workouts have actually helped keep her sane. She added: 'I have always been interested in fitness, it's not an off the cuff thing. 'But I have only been seriously training since about October last year. Lady of the law: Christina scooped the top prize after training for less than a year 'I set myself the challenge and decided to enter the championships. 'If you have a busy lifestyle, it gives you that challenge and a personal sense of achievement.

Why Bodybuilding Steroids Do Not Belong In Vitamins

Companies that resist what are these FDA-ruled violations of the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act are subject to, legal action including, without limitation, seizure, injunction, and/or criminal prosecution. But legal proceedings dont help the acute problem of getting potentially dangerous products off the market. Dr. Daniel Fabricant, Director of FDAs Division of Dietary Supplement Programs recently wrote at FDA Voice that the agency used its expanded administrative detention authority to prevent distribution of a supplement containing DMAA , an amphetamine derivative often added illegally to weight loss supplements. Purity First woes continue Last Wednesday, the FDA announced finding another steroid, a synthetic version of testosterone, in two other Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity First products: Multi-Mineral and Vitamin C capsules. Purity First then initiated a nationwide recall of all three of these products.

The two friends, both grandfathers, were the oldest of nearly 250 competitors at the event, and agreed age is no roadblock to getting in shape. Campbell, a personal trainer, started bodybuilding in his 50s. "You're never too old," he told Oregon's KVAL-13 . "Bodybuilding keeps me healthy." Campbell and Huard take a break from flexing to engage in some friendly banter backstage. Heres where [age] works to our advantage - its because were mature, weve been through all the testosterone spurts, were having fun and its keeping us really healthy, said Huard, a supplement store owner. Right now, our goal is to beat someone in their 40s, which is going to happen this year, added Campbell. 'Felton got all the genetics and I put in all the hard work,' Huard (l.) said.

Bodybuilding: Using music to power your workouts

However, you wouldn't want to listen to a sad ballad while in the middle of training, since it could lower your mood which does not make for a great workout. Brunel Universitys School of Sports and Education has revealed: According to Dr Costas Karageorghiss latest research, carefully selected music can significantly increase a persons physical endurance and make the experience of cardiovascular exercise far more positive. Your own music, i.e. headset, I-pod, or phone, often takes on the role of "training partner". The music becomes just as instrumental to your workouts as your workout gear. Without the music, it can become hard to get in a good workout simply because the music provides comfort and escape while training. It also helps you to concentrate on what you are doing without being distracted by noise and others in the gym.

Bodybuilding grandpas prove you?re never too old to show off your muscles

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